Clean Interface

Minimized, polished, and built for simplicity


We just use secure connections to agencies website


Credentials are only stored on your device encrypted

Daily, Monthly

Approximate daily and monthly earnings for you

Sales list

Detailed list of latest sales for each agency


Pie charts in dashboard and line charts for each day in sale list


Notifications for new sales, supported in iOS 7

Dropbox Sync

Sync your acconts between devices using Dropbox API


Two themes available: Dark and Light

People behind this app

Paul Pirosca

Creator / Developer

Marcel Pirosca

Visual Designer

What do our customers say ?

"Really good app, easy to use and all in one place. Well done" - Oldcrow68

"Better than Shutterstock's own app" - Chrisanakaraw

"Easy and reliable app, well made. Very suggested" - serjedi

"The best micro stock app out. This one actually thinks through the interface and cleanly provides the information that you are looking for. Great job." - Joel-S

"Truly the best and more complete stock statistic and tracking app. Would recommend!" - Morphart

"Best analityc app for Microstockers" - Kotkoa

"Awesome product for microstocker. I use it daily to check my sales." - Henrik Lehnerer

"The best microstock earnings tracking app ever! I use it almost everyday, highly recommended" - Amos

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